81488973_MWhen most people need to hire an attorney, it’s not always during a pleasant experience. Perhaps they are involved in a lawsuit or they need to get their wills and other affairs in order. Hollywood doesn’t help by perpetuating the outdated stereotypes. In movies and television shows the phrase “You’ll be hearing from my attorney” is usually meant to instill fear.

But attorneys provide important services that can’t be neglected, especially in business. An attorney can help with everything from negotiations to asset protection to employment agreements that protect the business while giving employees fair compensation. Here are some things to consider when hiring an attorney:

  • Make sure the attorney understands your business and your unique legal needs. Not all businesses are the same. You need an attorney who has experience in your industry and knows your markets – and your competition.
  • Hire someone with experience. While they don’t have to be “old-school,’ someone who has been practicing for several years would be ideal. A younger, experienced attorney may have newer ideas that would work better in today’s technology-driven marketplace and be familiar with current trends.
  • Detail your particular legal needs and expectations when meeting with prospective attorneys. Listen to how they respond and how they will address your legal matters. Ask for examples of how they would handle a particular task.
  • Ask about their areas of expertise. All attorneys can handle routine issues, but you want someone who can deal with complex matters unique to your business.
  • Ask trusted business associates for recommendations. Research all attorney candidates through the local bar association and online search engines.

A good attorney can save you significant time and money. It’s important to have the right one on board for your business.