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144 and 4(a)(1)  Opinion Letters

Unless a stock is issued pursuant to a registered offering, it is most likely considered a “restricted” stock and is not allowed to be sold in the market...

S-1 / Reg-A Registrations

Allow companies to file a registration statement with the SEC that can be used to sell debt or equity securities to raise capital...

SEC Compliance

We work with companies to ensure compliance so that our clients are not faced with inquiries that require time and money and risk the good name of the company...

Escrow Services

Our office offers escrow services to our clients...

OTC Markets Compliance

These requirements change frequently, and we help ensure that our clients remain compliant with these rules and regulations...

FINRA Compliance

FINRA is a complex organization with complex rules, your company needs a firm like us to help you through the process...

Public Shell Companies

If you are looking for a public shell for your business, we can help you locate a shell...

General Corporate Law

A range of legal services aimed at assisting our clients with general business transaction...

Public Offerings

The sale of equity shares or other financial instruments to the public in order to raise capital...

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Stephen  Mills has over 20 years experience assisting businesses and investors with their legal needs.  He received  his law  degree from the University of Memphis  and is licensed to practice law in Tennessee and Federal courts and before state and  Federal administrative agencies.

“I have found Steve Mills to be very knowledgeable , respectful, and most of all, a hard worker that goes the extra mile for his clients.”

Tavares C. DavisCEO, Billionaires Club LLC

Thank you for the incredible job with our settlement. Your combined work ethic and professionalism allowed us to avoid a long drawn out lawsuit. You exceeded our expectations.


I have gotten to know Mr. Mills over the past year while dealing with different stocks. I have found him to be very knowledgeable , respectful, and most of all, a hard worker that goes the extra mile for his clients.

Tavares C. DavisCEO, Billionaires Club LLC

In the securities world, you need an attorney that you can trust. Look no further, Steve Mills is the guy.


Steve is more than an attorney. He actually took the time to learn about my business and now I seek his advice on every major decision...


Mr. Mills understands that time is a valuable commodity. He is available when I need him and gets me the answers that I need without unnecessary delay.

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